“When one starling changes direction or speed, each of the other birds in the flock responds to the change, and they do so nearly simultaneously regardless of the size of the flock.”  

- M.R. Subramanian  

The same could be said for the musical explorations of the Philadelphia quintet Brother Starling. Each idea or note leads them in harmony to create their own unique brand of dynamically emotive songs.  

Drawing inspiration from rock and roll’s past and American roots music, Brother Starling takes you on a journey through Laurel Canyon with songs that capture the essence of artists such as Neil Young, Wilco, Fleetwood Mac, The Band, and Dawes.  

Geremiah Giampa’s heartfelt vocals weave above the impassioned guitar and keyboard interplay of Mike Rusch and Joe Ryan as the grooves of Brian Fin and Tom Mellon solidly drive the band forward.  

Their latest album is a personal reflection on life, death, wonder, and the volatile times we are living in.  

Geremiah Giampa (vocals / guitar)  
Tom Mellon (drums / vocals)  
Brian Fin (bass)  
Mike Rusch (guitar)  
Joe Ryan (guitar / keyboards / vocals)

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