"Earnest, wistful and undeniably radio-friendly, the Parsnip Revolt offer soulful feel-good rock melodies with widespread appeal."”

— Philly Style Magazine

The Parsnip Revolt

The Parsnip Revolt 
Geremiah Giampa (vocals / guitar / keyboards) 
Tom Mellon (drums / vocals) 
Brian Fin (bass) 
Mike Rusch (guitar) 
Joe Ryan (guitar / keyboards / vocals)

Striving for perfection can be a detailed and hard earned journey. The biggest critic of any musical group is usually themselves and The Parsnip Revolt is that very scenario in motion. With their last album, A Sunshine Report, The Parsnip Revolt found their own open highway to successful longevity. 

Drawing inspiration from Americana and Classic Rock, The Parsnip Revolt are a tightly packaged track driven band loaded with catchy melodies, riffs, and emotional feeling.

"Rooted in acoustics and rock, there's a lilting and comforting Travis meets Damien Rice vibe to the band's music." ”

— Bruce Warren, Program Director of WXPN

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This is a very unique and thought out record, blending layers of color with dynamic precision and presentation. By the second listen, I was convinced that, even if I do think their name is a bit of an inside mystery, this is a band that needs to be heard.””

— John Pfeiffer/The Aquarian Weekly

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